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News | May 30, 2024

The 134th Medical Company joins the fight


U.S. Soldiers assigned to the 134th Medical Company Ground Ambulance, 109th Multifunctional Medical Battalion, deploy their best and brightest to Exercise Combined Resolve 24-2 at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JRMC) near Hohenfels, Germany.

Combined Resolve 24-2 is a U.S. Army multi-domain large scale combat operation exercise in Europe. This exercise consists of synchronized command and control, fire support, logistics and maneuver planning and execution using simulations and live fire drills while utilizing NATO operational processes and doctrine.

The 134th Medical Company Ground Ambulance unit is very comfortable working as a team in high pressure circumstances. During Combined Resolve 24-2, they provided medical support to the 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment consisting of medical evacuations and walk-in aid stations. Throughout the year, the Soldiers hone their skills at their monthly drills and put those skills to the test at JMRC. Participating in exercises like Combined Resolve affords the unit the opportunity to improve their clinical skills by operating a battalion aid station, which is a primary capability of the unit.

"Participating in this training exercise gives us an opportunity to execute the functions we train on, such as medical evacuations and supporting real-world aid stations,” said U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Ben Barnes. "[It] gives us invaluable hands-on experience performing our jobs at a high level."

The 134th Medical Company is one of seven medical ground ambulance companies in the National Guard. Every Soldier that traveled to Germany for Combined Resolve 24-2 is already a nurse, in college for nursing or thriving in another discipline. "This is a very highly skilled and intelligent group of Soldiers we deployed to this training exercise,” said Barnes.

The 134th Medical Company commander utilized a merit system to select the Soldiers participating in Combined Resolve 24-2 based upon criteria of having professional development online training completed, physical fitness test scores and overall performance in different areas. This exercise was an opportunity to leave Iowa and experience a unique annual training period. Their expertise highlights the capabilities of an engaged, postured and ready U.S. Army.