Video by Annette Pritt
TAC Talks EP12: Combined Arms Breach Part II: Trends and “A Way” to Improve
Fort Irwin Operations Group
March 12, 2024 | 15:46
Operations Group TAC Talks is a video series discussing best practices from the experts in combined arms maneuver, the Observer, Coach/Trainers (OCTs) at the National Training Center/Fort Irwin (NTC).

In this two-part episode of Operations Group TAC Talks, increase your knowledge and learn how to synchronize efforts to effectively execute a combined arms breach here at the National Training Center.

In Part II: Trends and “A Way” to Improve, Capt. Olivia Schretzman, Sidewinder team Observer Coach Trainer and Capt. John Bolen, Panther team Operations Group Observer, Coach Trainer discusses commonly observed trends in breaching seen at the National Training Center and pragmatic ways to improve the planning, preparation, and execution of combined arms breaches.

FM 3-0, Operations (October 2022)

FM 3-34, Engineer Operations (December 2020):

ADP 3-90: Offensive and Defensive (July 2019):

ATP 3-12.3: Electromagnetic Warfare Techniques

ATP 3.90.4: Combined Arms Mobility (June 2022) - CAC Required (

TAC Talks EP01: “A Way” to CAR

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