Visitors to FORSCOM Headquarters

Click Here for an interactive map of the area.

From the All American Expressway, turn right onto Longstreet. Next, turn right at Reilly Road. Move immediately into the left lane and make the next left turn (approximately 300 feet) at Macomb Street. Travel to the intersection of Macomb and Knox Streets and you will see FORSCOM Headquarters to your right front.

From Bragg Blvd. use the Randolph Gate for 24 hour access. At the intersection of Randolph Street and Souter Place you will begin to see the FORSCOM headquarters parking lots.

Parking is accessible from Randolph Street, Souter Place and Scott Street.

Entry onto Fort Bragg will require Department of Defense identification card or other picture identification. Please plan sufficient time for visitor registration, vehicle inspection and other access control point requirements.

Entry into the FORSCOM headquarters is via the east (rear) entrance of the building. Visitors must enter through the USARC side and sign-in at the guard station. Visitors whose security clearance can be verified in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) will be issued a visitor's badge. Visitors whose security clearance cannot be verified will require escort while inside the building. Please be prepared with the names, directorates and phone numbers you are visiting and ensure those individuals are prepared for your arrival to provide escort.

Fort Bragg Map

Fort Bragg Access Control Points