What's a Cookie?

A cookie is a small bit of text we're asking permission to temporarily store in your computer's Random Access Memory (RAM). This cookie doesn't tell us who you are, your email address or anything else personal.

Why do we offer cookies?

Cookies help us evaluate visitors' use of our site, such as what information users want to see and what they never read. This information allows us to better focus our online presence. We only use "non-persistent" cookies, which are only posted to your computer's RAM. These cookies "crumble" 20 minutes after they are posted, or sooner if you turn your computer off. They are never written to your hard disk. These cookies are used to process your requests for information, to make sure you get the information you request, rather than information requested by someone else.

Are cookies safe?

Cookies are harmless, occupying just a few bytes in RAM. They also can be a Web site browser's very good friend. Cookies can be read only by the sites that posted them. They only contain information you already have given to the site. They can NOT search your system for any information, nor can they contain viruses.

What happens if I don't accept the cookie?

You will limit your access to active content on our site. Currently, most of the information on the site will still be available to you if you reject our cookie. In the future, more of our content will require you to accept the cookie to gain access.