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News | July 5, 2024

G-1 Sends (INFORM): IPPS-A Monthly Update

Ladies and Gentlemen,
         Good morning. We are shifting to a monthly update and want to highlight recent upgrades to PCS order formats and training available to HR Professionals. 

         Orders Framework Update. Orders generated by IPPS-A now include the official Army seal. In addition to the Army seal, orders now show code descriptions, a Soldier’s home of record address (Hire/Accession Orders), and a Digital Garrison Ap QR code. We also removed the controlled unclassified information (CUI) markings. You can learn more about the updated orders framework here. 

         Notes for the Senior Mission Command G1s. 

(1) The IPPS-A team, in conjunction with the Soldier Support Institute (SSI), consolidated training on the S1NET page and added training by HR Echelon to the SSI’s Learning Resource Center (LRC). The team completed these updates based on feedback from the field that the sheer volume of training available was overwhelming. The training is now organized by HR Echelon in accordance with roles and responsibilities listed in FM1-0 and is designed to support AG Universities at your installations. The S1NET Link: The SSI LRC link:  

(2) The CRM Team recently added a feature to improve customer support to the Soldier. The first stop for a Soldier’s CRM ticket is the unit’s Provider Group. Often Soldiers will submit these tickets and then go to the MPD or AMPO for assistance. Previously the MPD or AMPO workforce could not see these tickets, so could not assist the Soldier. Now, if the Unit S1s add the MPD and AMPO provider groups to their favorites list, they can see the CRM tickets and assist the Soldier. Please ensure the unit S1s on your installation add favorites, for training or questions reach out to the IPPS-A CRM team.

SABIR Enhancement. Over the last two months the SABIR team released updates to the Military Occupational Specialty Inventory (MOSI) report, providing real time updates based on feedback from HR Professionals. They added “Tooltips” to each column on the MOSI to explain the logic for how the numbers were generated, providing transparency to ensure a common operating picture for all units from the tactical to strategic level. The next two months will focus on adding HRC Target details and validated requirements to the projected strength to enable accurate projections. By the fall, the team will deploy an updated version of SABIR and is looking forward to demonstrating these changes at the Army People Synchronization Conference in August.  

MILPAY Update. IPPS-A, HRC MILPAY, and USAFMCOM continues to expand the Personnel Action Request (PAR) Pilot to expedite submission of pay actions. The pilot provides a secure, encrypted method for AMPOs to track and manage finance actions, while also enhancing the Soldier experience. Submitted pay actions via a PAR allows Soldiers/HR Professionals to view the status of pay actions, upload/correct documents, and engage directly with their AMPO via IPPS-A. The pilot originated a Ft. Meade and since expanded to Ft. Leavenworth, Ft. Johnson, Bethesda, Ft. Irwin, and West Point. PAR Pilot training for HR Professionals/AMPO employees is scheduled at the following locations:

-Redstone – 9 July 
-MacDill AFB – 9 July 
-Fort Riley – 15-17 July
-Fort Eustis – 31 July - 2 August
-Fort Liberty (95th CA BDE) – August (specific dates TBD)
-Fort Wainwright and JBER – 4-9 August 
-Fort Stewart – 12-14 August 
-Fort Huachuca – 3-5 September 

The team is also working with the USAR to add one of their Readiness Division to the pilot. 

         PAI Reconciliation. Recent updates with SABIR and IPPS-A allow for the next phase of the PAI, data clean up. Later this month the team will release a FRAGO to HQDA EXORD 024-24, Army-Wide Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI). The Reconciliation Phase will focus on failure to gain and failure to lose discrepancies identified during the PAI. This will ensure the Army has accurate accountability data, improving the data quality of IPPS-A readiness rosters. To reduce the burden on HR Professionals while they are also working ARSTRUC changes, the Reconciliation Phase will begin 1 September 2024 and will include two parts. Part one will last through 1 October and target the Failure to Lose population. Part two will immediately follow and end 31 October with clean-up of the Failure to Gain population. The FRAGO will include job aids to assist units as they work through this process. The team will provide mid-month status reports to identify where units need assistance. 

         Drive the Change (DTC) Tip. Share the “Drive the Change” campaign information with Leaders and HR Professionals, it is a great way to get details directly from the product team leads who worked the updates. Participate at the following link: IPPS-A Support | 1. Drive the Change | Microsoft Teams). During these events the IPPS-A team walks through items released into production the night before and explain where the updated training packages reside. The engagements are recorded for those who are not able to attend. The team hosts live events every other Friday at 0900 EST.

IPPS-A Roadmap. Find a copy at the following link:

The IPPS-A maintenance will result in a Business Intelligence (BI) outage from 0800 EST to 2000 EST on Saturday, 6 July. 

Thank you.


Douglas F. Stitt
Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1
O:  (703) 697-8060
C:  (703) 314-3820
SVOIP: (302) 221-1092