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News | Feb. 29, 2024

Reconstruction Era National Park

By Sgt. Joseph McDonald 319th MPAD

During the visit, members of the 319th MPAD were privileged to receive an enlightening tour of the national park, where they were immersed in the rich history of the 1st South Carolina Volunteer Regiment (SCVR). This historic unit holds the distinction of being the first free black soldiers to volunteer in service of the United States of America.
The soldiers were captivated by the stories shared during the tour, delving deep into the courageous and trailblazing efforts of the 1st SCVR. Notably, prior to the conclusion of the Civil War, six black infantry regiments had valiantly fought on the side of the Union out of the Port Royal Region.
"The visit to the Reconstruction Era National Park was not only educational but profoundly impactful," remarked Sgt. Vincent Wilson, Public Affairs Specialists of the 319th MPAD. "Learning about the sacrifices and contributions of the 1st South Carolina Volunteer Regiment has deepened our appreciation for the diversity and progressiveness within the United States Army."
The United States Army remains steadfast in its commitment to honoring its soldiers and preserving the legacy of those who have served. The visit to the Reconstruction Era National Park underscores the Army's dedication to recognizing and commemorating pivotal moments in history.